D&D Experiment

Game Two

Tyler was hired to watch an inn and provide entertainment. While singing, he passed out from some kind of poison. He wakes up to a trashed bar and the blame for the deed. He meets Guard Robert who is smart enough to know not to blame Tyler but still willing to get off a few jabs at mercenaries.

The party meets up and tracks down the “bartender” who drugged Tyler. They captured 2 gang members of and find out about “Twiggy” the ex-leader of the Children. Twiggy then shows up and offers 3 jobs to the party. He offers information or money. His tasks are: break someone out of jail, deliver a message, or release someone from a tomb.

Delivery Service:
- To Lady Windamer, her estate is next to the maage’s tower. She supposedly owns half the city. The party walked to the front gate and Anna threw the sack at the butler. It opened and a bunch of shrunken heads pour out. Anna told him, “A tip is customary.” and he replied by calling for the guards. 6 Guards attacked the group. Anna tried to talk them down but it failed. They continued their assault and Anna struck one in the face with her scalpel. Dennis followed up with a hit of his own which dropped the guard in one hit. Dennis cleaved and killed the one Anna had marked. Tyler hit the last aggressive guard with her electrical strike. He took flight and Stephan finished him off. Anna finally received her well deserved tip. The Lady Windamer comes out and is so happy to get her new tribal heads. She dismisses the group after a slight tip. Twiggy paid the party 50 g for the delivery.

Breaking Joe Bags out of Jail:
- Joe was in jail for destroying a bar when he “got hairy.” Stephan bribes a guard and gets an audience with Joe. Joe suggests tunneling, the laundry cart or paying the fine for his incarceration. The group paid 10 gold for his release. Anna learned about another Joe who had roughed up a prostitute and scarred her face. After meeting with Twiggy, Anna found the prostitute and healed her for free. She tells her to tell others that the priestess of the moon did it. The next morning, Stephan tells Joe how to get to Twiggy.

Eris and his tomb/prison:
- Is entombed in an old cemetery. The entire city was built around this tomb. Anna consulted her goddess about Eris and found out that he was a mummy that was entombed by 2 different gods (Shang-di and Dien). The religions are suppose to guard him for all eternity. The city it self was built around his tomb. Anna talked to the two priesthoods and send 30 priests to deal with Twiggy and reinforce the bindings on Eris’ tomb. Twiggy somehow escaped but the bonds to Eris’s tomb were resealed. The church of Shang-di paid 43 gold. Stephan tried to get paid from the bartender who set the whole thing in motion.



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