D&D Experiment

Game One

The story starts with Tyler in the arms of his lover/master. The Master Magus Alona sends him to meet a contact known as “The Clown.” She warns that he should bring some extra muscle. He decides to contact his old friends.

Anna is currently very unsatisfied with her new lot in life and is more than happy to set aside her problems to help a friend. Stephan is tired of waiting for his next assignment and also is willing to meet up with his old friend.

“The Clown” resides in an underground den. He offers 3 items for 3 jobs.

The groups heads out to deal with recovering the body of Magistrate Carlon. Carlon was a good leader of the city who earned many enemies. One of his enemies wanted the corpse of the good magistrate for unknown reasons. The group ventured into his tomb and stole the body. The only protection was an alarm spell. The group panicked and Tyler ran off with the corpse. They met up at the entrance to the Clown’s lair. For the body, they received a magical staff which allowed Tyler the ability to shoot magic bolts from the tip.

The next night, the group headed out to wipe out a small group of thieves called The Children. They invaded their warehouse hideout and slaughtered the 7 inhabitants. The Clown had demanded 15 pieces of proof that the children had been dealt with. They then set up a trap to catch the last 8 members of the gang. All of them fell without too much issue. Tyler’s first attempt with his staff shot Stephen in the back on accident.

The last adventure of the night was into the Lost Woods. Their first night in the woods ended with an ambush from 3 wolves. On the 2nd night, they ran into a small group of goblins. One of them was wielding a club of hollow wood which was the whole reason the group had ventured into the woods. Tyler impressed them with his magic and the leader was knocked out. The goblins were able to lead the group to more wood and Tyler took one goblin as a familiar.

The clown gave Stephan a magic sword. If Stephan misses twice, he gets a free double attack the next round. Anna was given a holy symbol of Shang-di which has one charge of resurrection left.



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